Get ready for spring cleaning

  • Pull together a cleaning bucket with all the products you will need. Consider adding all-purpose and glass-cleaning sprays, a sponge, a toothbrush, a squeegee, a scrub brush and terry-cloth towels in washcloth and hand-towel sizes.
  • Guard against scratches on wooden floors. Make sure there are surface protectors on the undersides of furniture legs, and check if they need replacing as a build-up of grit can mark the floor.
  • Get carpeted areas professionally cleaned. This will extend the life of the carpets meaning they won’t need to be replaced for a while. Don’t use a carpet cleaner that you use yourself, instead find a local business that offers steam cleaning for carpets and upholstery.
  • Descale bathrooms if they need it. Ensure all pipework is clean and tackle any damp problems in the bathroom.
  • Get windows cleaned to ensure that they are spick and span when the sunshine comes out again.
  • If you need to move furniture as part of your spring clean fold two clean towels (dirty ones can scratch floors), place one under each end, and slide the piece across the floor, to avoid scuffed floors when rearranging heavy pieces of furniture.

Attention to detail is key so make sure pesky corners, including lampshades, light bulbs and blinds, are dusted.