A two bed semi detached house on Nottingham New Road, WS2. This is just a quickie today and if you are a Walsall landlord you need to act on this one NOW!

My Blog reading friends may be aware of the ‘eviction ban’ introduced at the start of the pandemic. The good news is this is being lifted on the 23rd August 2020.

Our government recently announced changes to the eviction processes in England and Wales. These temporary measures aim to help the courts cope with the influx of possession proceedings once the ‘eviction ban’ is lifted.

The changes include claimants needing to issue a “reactivation notice” to resume halted evictions and will be effective until March 28th, 2021.

So why are there changes to eviction proceedings?

A two bed semi detached house on Kenilworth Crescent, WS2. If you are a Walsall landlord you may or may not know that right now properties like this are selling like hot cakes in the BTL market. So, if you are in a position that you have 130k cash to invest in a property like this, I would seriously recommend that you take a look at this bad boy asap.

It may be a case of de-ja-vu but I’m pretty certain I went to see this property last year when it was on the market with another agent. At the time I was sourcing a BTL property for one of my property sourcing clients and knew, with a bit of TLC, this property would make a great rental. It was snapped up very quickly back then but it seems, for some reason, the sale probably fell through which, can sometimes happen if the buyer is not able to secure a mortgage or arrange the funds etc. For Walsall landlords this is a perfect property for a long-term BTL.

“So where is the Walsall property market heading?”. “How will a recession affect the market?”. Just a couple of common questions I’ve been fielding recently. As usual, for the benefit of my Blog reading friends, here are my thoughts…

There are plenty of investors who think nothing of legally committing to buying a property ‘off plan’ before it’s built – yet over the last few weeks, it has become the norm in the resale (second-hand) Walsall property market and they have now stolen a march and bagged some property bargains.

Normally, the physical viewing is the first step of the resale house buying process … yet now it’s becoming the ‘new normal’ that some Walsall agents are carrying out semi-professional video viewings or video tours. Even homeowners are getting in on the act and managing a Facetime or Zoom video viewing by walking around their house with their mobile phone.

On the 13th May 2020 the Government announced that the Estate & Letting Agency industry could reopen meaning people could view houses, visit agents and move home be they tenants, buyers, landlords or home sellers. This is all subject to general and specific social distancing rules, specific hygiene regulations and suitable PPE being used.

So what has been happening in the last few weeks in the Walsall property market?