The buy-to-let market in Walsall is about to enter a challenging 12 to 24 months. Yet by looking back at the last recession and what is happening now, there are crucial lessons all Walsall landlords can learn to protect themselves, and in fact create opportunities both in the short term and ultimately the longer term. For the purposes of this article, I would like to split these and look at the challenges and then the opportunities.

So, let’s consider the challenges ahead for Walsall landlords…

  1. The impending rise in unemployment stands to hamper tenants’ ability to pay their rent.
  2. The current rents being achieved pushing affordability in some cases out of reach for many tenants.
  3. The possible Capital Gains Tax changes might mean an increase in tax paid by Walsall landlords when they come to sell their Walsall buy-to-let (BTL) properties.

A two bed terraced house on Plover street, Walsall, WS3. Listed just over a week ago. A very good investment opportunity if you are a Walsall landlord.

Yes, that’s right two buy to let opportunities in the same week, nay the same day! A two bed terraced house on Balmoral Way, Walsall, WS2. Listed 7 – 10 days ago. Another very good investment opportunity if you are a Walsall landlord.

Since going into lockdown in March, the Government proclaimed a ban on tenant evictions, pledging that no tenant in a private rented home, who had lost their wages due to Covid-19 would be kicked out of their private rented home until the late summer. Fast forward to August and the press were being briefed as late as Wednesday 19th August that this freeze in evictions in England and Wales would cease on the 23rd August. That was until just after 4pm Friday 21st August when Mr Jenrick, the Housing Minister, announced that the eviction ban would be extended for a further four weeks and buy to let landlords must also now give their tenants six months notice to gain possession.

Cue crocodile tears for all the 4,291 Walsall landlords

Not all Walsall landlords are akin to the 21st Century Rising Damp version of Leonard Rossiter with his ‘Rigsby-esqe’ or even ‘Rach-manism’ wicked landlord ways. Official estimates suggest there are 1.8m to 2.1m landlords in the UK, the vast majority doing the right thing by their tenants, many of whom have helped their Walsall tenants in financial trouble during Covid-19 by submitting to short-term rent reductions or rent-payment holidays.

A two bed terraced house on Delamere drive, Walsall, WS5. Listed 3 days ago. Another very good investment opportunity if you are a Walsall landlord,.