As a result of the government opting to promote family-friendly tenancies at a time when 20 per cent of housing in the PRS is taken up with homes for families with dependent children, Paragon Mortgages is now allowing landlords to provide longer-term tenancies up to 36 months.

“Families undoubtedly need more stability and peace of mind though, and with that in mind we have made changes to our own lending criteria and will now except 36-month tenancies, allowing landlords to offer even greater flexibility where this new model lease is used,” Mr Heron remarked.

He went on to add that the buy-to-let lender already does a lot to encourage its 50,000 landlord customers to make properties available to those on local authority housing lists via public sector leases up to five years.

Government figures show that there are 1.8 million households on waiting lists for social housing, with action such as allowing local flexibility on lists, types of tenancies and landlords and social tenants’ rights and responsibilities.