The Met Office is expecting winds of up to 75mph around the south and west coasts of the UK, while gusts of between 50 and 65mph could blow through the rest of the country. Exposed areas of Northern Ireland and western Scotland could experience winds of up to 80mph this morning.

Chief meteorologist Frank Saunders said: “The volatile weather we've seen this week is set to continue in the next few days - with strong winds for many and heavy rain in places. This could lead to difficult driving conditions, transport disruption and potentially some localised flooding issues.”

And temperatures are expected to plummet as we move into tomorrow, so there could be some snow showers in the north and potentially over higher ground in the south, so keep up to date with the latest forecasts in your local area.

Looking after your home during stormy weather is vital if you’re to avoid a big home insurance claim – but you need to take steps to prevent any damage before the storms actually hit. Check over your gutters and drains to clear them of any debris to prevent blockages, make sure your outside light fittings are secure and cut back any low hanging branches that could potentially cause some damage during strong winds.

Don’t forget to give your roof the once over either, looking out for cracks in your chimney or any broken tiles, as these could prove quite dangerous if blown off the roof.