In April next year, private landlords will not be able to refuse a tenant's request for energy-efficient home improvements and will have to accept if they can secure help through support like the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, the Energy Companies Obligation and Green Deal finance.

And from April 2018, private landlords will not be able to rent out any properties that do not meet the minimum standards for energy efficiency.

Energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey observed that substantial improvements in energy efficiency is the only way that people can be provided with permanently cheaper bills and warmer homes.

Commenting on the forthcoming legislation, Mr Davey remarked: "Clearly this will particularly help the fuel poor: those living in the leakiest privately-rented homes already need to spend an average £1,000 a year more to keep warm compared to the average home."

His comments come after Nick Clegg observed earlier this month that going green is not a luxury for the UK but a necessary investment in the country's future, explaining that all new homes built from 2016 will be zero carbon.

Landlords keen to secure new tenants in the future may wish to pay close attention to the upcoming changes and new legislation in order to act accordingly and make any necessary improvements to their houses.