For many, it may be surprising news, as the relationship between landlords and tenants is often represented badly in the press.
Sue Green, Saga's head of home insurance, said: "Disagreements between landlords and their tenants are well documented so it is refreshing to see that landlords are, for the large part, ethical and well-liked by their tenants. During what has been a tough economic climate, landlords' reputations have suffered and as our research shows, unfairly so.
However, the report also uncovered the biggest gripes both landlords and tenants in the UK experience. For landlords, late rent payments, damage to property and tenants leaving with little to no notice are their main problems, while tenants are most troubled by hard to reach landlords and refusal to fix items or employing shoddy tradesmen.
The aim of the survery, according to Saga, is to open the channels of communication between property owners and their renters, and Saga have also released a guide of practical advice for landlords on how improve their ethical standards, as 56% of tenants still thought their landlords should do more to help them.
Sue Green continues: “Anyone who is a landlord should consider whether there might be more that they could do to make things easier for their tenants, which will be beneficial to all involved."