Managing director with the company Darrell Sansom reminded landlords that there are certain steps they must take in order to stay within the law and make sure appropriate safety standards are met for those living in their houses.

“Keeping an eye on your property must come first. We know that third of landlords never visit their rental properties after a tenant moves in, and quarterly checks are only conducted by 17 per cent,” he remarked. “Too many landlords are leaving themselves open to serious property risks, and even prosecution, by not maintaining adequate fire and gas safety measures.”

As a landlord, it is your legal requirement to ensure a registered engineer comes to do an annual gas safety check on every appliance and flue, and provide the tenants with a copy of the gas safety check record before they move in. In addition, you must check that there is appropriate access to fire escape routes at all times, ensure that furniture and other furnishings are fire safe and provide extinguishers and fire alarms if the residence is a large house in multiple occupation.