There are several ways you can help to keep the costs down, such as signing up for a tariff online as these are typically the cheapest option. You won’t receive any paper bills and can submit your own meter readings. Alternatively, you could pay monthly via direct debit, which is often the cheapest method as well.

“For many people managing winter energy bills means having the heating on less, turning down the thermostat, putting on an extra jumper and going to bed early to keep warm. But consumers should be acting now to ensure that they are on the best energy tariff in time for the colder temperatures,” energy spokesman with the company Jeremy Cryer remarked.

It might also be worth keeping an eye on the market and comparing providers on a regular basis so you can find out immediately if you can get your energy cheaper elsewhere. When you receive a letter saying your current deal is ending, go online to do a bit of research and see what you can find out.