According to AA  Home Membership, 34 per cent of tenants have paid to have something fixed, with the most common mishaps emerging as faulty showers and blocked drains, experienced by one in five renters. Furthermore, one in 14 paid to have their boiler repaired, one in seven replaced a carpet or fixed a leaking pipe and one in six paid for a broken lock or faulty wiring.

Head of the company Helen Brooker observed that while some landlords believe their tenants do not take good care of their homes, the study indicates that they might be more conscientious than at first thought.

“Some of the repairs that tenants told us they’d undertaken might have been quite simple and cheap to fix. But some things – relating to gas and electrical problems for example, should only be carried out by properly qualified professionals. It could be useful for landlords to leave details of somebody the tenant could contact in their absence, such as a trusted tradesperson,” she remarked.

However, landlords may be forgiven for their poor perceptions of their tenants given recent research from mortgage and loans provider Ocean Finance revealing that 94 per cent of renters admit they have breached their agreements in some way.

This includes playing music late at night, redecorating, keeping a pet, sub-letting a room, allowing the garden to overgrow and pouring fat down the drain.