Other agreement breaches that were admitted to included playing music after 20:00, using Blu-Tack on the walls, overfilling the bins, letting the garden become overgrown and pouring cooking fat down the sink.

Spokesman for Ocean Finance Ian Williams reminded tenants of the importance of reading their agreements and asking the landlords about points they may not be particularly clear about. “Many standard tenancy agreements contain a lot of ‘niggly’ clauses about cutting the grass and emptying the bins. Whilst breaking these conditions might seem trivial, doing so could have serious consequences,” he remarked, adding that landlords could keep back deposits or ask people to vacate the property as a result.

If you’re unsure about the terms of your agreement, it could be a good idea to seek independent legal advice before you sign anything. Citizens Advice has a useful guide on tenancy agreements so have a peruse of the website if you’re thinking of moving house.